Are you interested in getting back in touch with the land and raising your own food? The Iowa County Master Gardeners offer community garden plots to the public located at Gateway Park and Preserve.

Who are community gardeners?

Some gardeners have a home with a shady backyard but need a sunny place to plant. Some gardeners live in apartments. Some gardeners need more space for large sprawling plants. Some gardeners are growing food for their family. Some gardeners are enjoying the time outdoors.

Each garden plot measures 20'x10' or 200 square feet with 3' paths in between. The Master Gardeners will till the soil and mark the plots using mulch for the paths between individual plots. Gardeners must supply their own hand-held watering containers, seeds, fertilizer, and equipment for proper preparation, growing, cultivating, and harvesting of crops.

Weather permitting, gardens are plowed and corners are marked by May 15th. Gardeners must regularly weed and tend to their plot during the season and keep it as clean and neat as possible.

Only organic pesticides and fertilizers meant for vegetable crops are allowed. Weed killer is not allowed. Gardeners should use cultivation or mulches to control weeds.

Wire fencing of no more than 24" in height is allowed around individual garden plots to keep wildlife away. Gateway Park and Preserve is not responsible for the garden itself or anything in or pertaining to the garden. This includes damage caused by weather, flooding, or vandalism. Each plot holder must sign a waiver of liability.

A non-refundable $15 fee in the form of a check or cash will be collected for each plot. The money collected will be used to purchase mulch and to make improvements to the garden area for all current and future gardeners. All plots are issued on a first come, first serve basis and no more than two plots will be issued per registrant. 

How to Sign Up

A garden plot agreement, waiver, complete set of rules and registration for may be obtained by contacting Everett Birch at (319) 210-1754 or (319) 855-4027 or by email everett.birch(at)gmail(dot)com.