Who are Master Gardeners?

Master Gardeners come from a variety of backgrounds. They are passionate about serving their communities and sharing gardening best practices. Master Gardeners are individuals who have taken the Master Gardener training and share their time and expertise as volunteers in community gardens, city beautification projects, and farmers markets to name a few. It is the acquisition of knowledge, the skill in gardening, and giving back to the community that distinguishes a Master Gardener from other gardeners.


How do I become a Master Gardener?

You can apply online! Applications for 2018 are currently open on the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach website. You must apply by September 1st, 2018. You will take classes during the autumn and begin reporting your volunteer hours the following year.

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What do the Master Gardener classes include?

To become a Master Gardener you must take the training through Iowa State University. During this core training you will learn about various horticulture topics including greenhouse management, vegetables, houseplants, composting, flowers, turf grass, landscape design, plant propagation, wildlife management, integrated pest management, plant pathology, and entomology. The training includes a full Saturday of hands-on workshops and education at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.


How long is my Master Gardener certification valid?

Your Master Gardener certification is valid for one year. Each year Master Gardeners must report 10 volunteer hours and 10 education hours to continue as an active, certified Master Gardener. In your first year, you will report 30 volunteer hours and 10 education hours.


Where do I report my volunteer and education hours?

You can report your volunteer/education hours through the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach website. 

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Which types of volunteer services will I have to do?

We have several core projects that we work on together as a county including maintaining local parks, hosting plant sales, public speaking events, hosting classes, and answering horticulture questions for local growers through our website.


I have a question about my garden, landscape plants, or other horticulture related problems. How do I contact you?

You can use our "Ask a Master Gardener" page! We will try our best to answer your question about gardening in 24 hours.

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Any other questions?

If there is a question you have but could not find it on this page, please feel free to contact us.