Each of our core projects is a move towards a more sustainable community. Take a look at each of our projects to see how you can help make a difference! Active Master Gardeners must complete 20 hours of volunteer service and 10 hours of continuing education every year.

Gateway park arboretum 

Gateway Park Arboretum is a 7 ½ acre park on the north side of Marengo that is an outstanding environmental resource and vital regional asset to the community.  It provides educational opportunities to the community through understanding of horticulture and gardening.  The Master Gardeners provide ongoing maintenance and improvements to the arboretum. There are berms with a variety of plantings throughout the park and a meditation garden.

Iowa County Master Gardeners

Lake Iowa Nature Center

Lake Iowa is a recreational area in southern Iowa County.  Master Gardeners assist in development and maintenance of gardens around the Nature Center, including a butterfly garden, a hoop garden, and raised beds with vegetables available for campers. The gardens provide campers and visitors to the park with excellent opportunities to interact with nature in a beautiful, pleasant setting. Children can play inside the hoop garden, look for butterflies, and enjoy the colorful gardens next to the Nature Outdoor Playscape.

Iowa County Master Gardeners

Plant Sale

Master Gardeners hold an annual spring plant sale to provide funds for group projects.  This is the groups’ only fund-raising project.  Heirloom vegetables grown by members are offered for sale, including tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.  Perennials from members’ gardens are also sold.  In addition to providing money for projects, the sale offers opportunities to expose customers to less common varieties of vegetables with unique qualities and flavors.  Customers also interact with gardeners to receive information on cultivation and propagation of all types of plants.


marengo community garden

If you are interested in getting back in touch with the land and raising your own food in a garden plot, try growing in the Iowa County Master Gardener community garden! The community garden is located at the south end of Gateway Park and Preserve. To learn more and how to sign up click the button below.